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Residential home, second home or rental properties in France


We guide you through the French real estate purchase procedure

Ile de ré

Ile de ré

Le Pouliguen - La Baule

Le Pouliguen - La Baule

Gordes - Provence

Gordes - Provence





1st Step - Property Search


  • We listen to your wishes and expectations ;

  • We help you to shape your project in terms of budget and location ;

  • We find the most accurate properties available on and off the market and provide you with a complete review of each with :

    • financial information relating to the chosen area, as rate of return, progression of the real estate prices and upgradability potential

    • practicalities report regarding traveling to and from airport/train stations and access to local amenities

    • analysis of the accrued expenses of the properties

    • spell out/clarify legal issues that may occur (owneship property, non compliant building permit, easement,…)


  • Visit the selected properties on your behalf or help you to set up your own visiting trip ;

  • Organize (if needed) the visit of a renovation company to get an indicative budget ;

  • Build the project business plan for you (including french taxes, interests on loans, tax relief, and any other expenses which could affect your budget).



All these will help you to make the best offer for the property you want to purchase.

2nd Step - Purchase Offer


  • Negotiate with the vendor on your behalf until an acceptable agreement is reached;

  • Help to open a bank account in France and support you in the negociation with local banks to set up a mortgage if required;

  • Be the link between you and all the parties involved (vendor, French notaries, bank)

  • Checking (and possibly sign on your behalf) the promise to sell and the final deed of transfer;

  • Identify concerns on French inheritance and tax obligations, and if needed recommend a solicitor, accountant, or financial adviser ;



More generally, we help you to understand clearly the purchase process you are getting yourself  into and secure it regarding legal issues according to French laws.


3rd Step - Property Renovation


As part of the service, we can provide any of the following assistance if requested:


  • Recommand renovation qualified companies we are used to working with

  • Collaborate on providing you with a detailled renovation budget according to your expectations

  • Follow up the renovation project entirely (with furnishing if needed)



Our main objective is to provide you with bespoke services corresponding to what you expect and to make it as stressless as possible.




As licensed French estate agents and members of the Federation Nationale des Agents Immobiliers (FNAIM) we are also able to :


  • manage the renting process of your property and in particular:

    • provide you with a selection of potential tenants;

    • draft the lease agreement according to the French law;

    • be the contact for the tenant if any problem occurs in the property;

    • advise you on any tax issues.



  • carry out an assessment of any French property you already own, market it and sell it on your behalf, taking care of the process from start to finish with the greatest care and attention



Contact us:

Pascale Moreau-Beyssade is French and is a Master graduate in Private & Business law as well as in Wealth Management.


She has been a corporate lawyer in law firms and in international companies for more than 10 years in Paris.


Then she left France for Poland where she started to lead a real estate consultant activity for people who want to invest in France but need help to carry out their project. Afterwards she relocated to London and continued from there to advise UK based foreign clients for their residential private investments in France (mostly in the Paris region).


As an expatriate, she noticed how it could be challenging for foreigners to buy a property in France. Language barriers, limited local knowledge, cultural differences and tax/legal constraints make things more complicated for a non France based purchaser.


The projects Pascale is involved in benefit from her qualification, her legal background and her extensive experience of the French property market.


She is now based in Paris and is able to cater for clients living anywhere.

Tel : +33 6 61 81 98 94


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