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Category:Albums produced by Rhett Davies Category:2006 albums Category:Sire Records albums Category:Sandy Hamilton albums(CN) – A federal judge handed down the first of two rulings Wednesday in a lawsuit over Florida’s ban on same-sex marriage. In a preliminary injunction granted Wednesday, U.S. District Judge Terry Lewis ordered Florida’s Department of Health to recognize the marriage of two doctors who were legally married in Massachusetts. The two doctors, Randall Terry and Ken Upton, sued Florida’s Department of Health and the state’s office of Vital Records and Registration in September, claiming that Florida’s ban on same-sex marriage violates the U.S. Constitution’s equal protection and due process clauses. In the ruling, Lewis referred to the fact that neither of the two doctors live in Florida, have a Florida driver’s license, pay taxes in Florida or visit the state on a regular basis. “Nevertheless, because Florida’s denial of marriage rights to these Plaintiffs effectively deprives them of the equal protection of the laws, the Court will enjoin the Department of Health and Office of Vital Records from enforcing Florida’s laws barring the marriage of the two Plaintiffs,” Lewis wrote. Lewis’ ruling is preliminary as the case moves to trial, where the final outcome of the lawsuit remains to be determined. Prior to Wednesday’s ruling, U.S. District Judge Robert Hinkle had previously granted summary judgment in favor of the two doctors and the Florida Office of Vital Records and Registration in September. The agency has appealed the ruling. The outcome of the appeal is pending, but it is certain that the agency’s position will be upheld. According to the attorneys who represent the two doctors in the case, the appeals court will not entertain an appeal that goes against the position of Florida’s Department of Health and Office of Vital Records and Registration. “We have no doubt that the case will be remanded back down to Florida by the Third Circuit,” the attorneys said in an email. The most important takeaway from the trial will be to determine how much time the justices spent on the merits of the case, and to what extent the court will rely on the government’s views. “It is likely that, while the district court may have the opinion that the state has

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